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What is tianeptine?

Tianeptine, sold under the brand names Stablon and Coaxil among others, was discovered and patented by the French Society of Medical Research in the 1960s

Where to buy tianeptine

From MyQualitia, We stand by our products, shipping and service or we will refund your order at not cost. There are many other places to purchase tianpetine online but there is a good reason why our customers keep coming back.

How to measure tianeptine without a scale?

There is a simple way to measure tianeptine tianeptine without a scale.
Here are the weight of flour and can be used as rough measurement.
1/3 tsp = 1 g
1 tsp = 2.6 gs
1 3/4 tsp = 5 gs

Is tianeptine legal?

In general: Rx-only
US: not FDA approved, scheduled in MI
AU: S4[5]
Others: controlled in FR, BH, SG)

Can you buy tianeptine over the counter

The easiest and quickest way to purchase tianeptine is online with fast shipping, saving you the time from having to find a local distributor.

What is tianeptine free acid?

Tianeptine free acid is Tianeptine itself, not a salt of Tianeptine. This form is not water soluble and is non hygroscopic. Tianeptine free acid shares some properties with Tianeptine sulfate hemihydrate

What is tianeptine sodium?

Tianeptine sodium is the sodium salt form of Tianeptine. It is the most common form of Tianeptine. The Sodium salts is not stable in atmospheric moisture, and is very light sensitive, degrading quickly when exposed.

Tianeptine Sodium(CAS NO : 30123-17-2)

What is tianeptine sulfate?

Protecting the data you trust to Front is our first priority. This part is really crucial in keeping the project in line to completion. the sulfate salts is improved version of the tianeptine sodium, it is non-hygroscopic,non-clumpy, easier to handle

Tianeptine Sodium(CAS NO : 30123-17-2)